The thought of going through the process of discarding unwanted material often brings about a dilemma for some individuals or companies. Do they hire someone for that junk removal or do they simply rent a dumpster? Both have their benefits, yet there are drawbacks that may end up making the final decision an easy one.

An important consideration to remember is that the need for permits in certain communities may be required. Also, a price aspect to keep in mind involves the distance that either option requires as far as traveling to the property in question. Finally, fees for emptying the material at the landfill or recycling plant may differ if a container rental is involved.

Letting Someone Else Remove Junk

When it comes to junk removal, someone that doesn’t have the time or inclination to handle the task can simply call up a service to handle the job. That means that this company will come and immediately put their staff to work, usually making it a quick and professional job.

In addition, if the strain of trying move such junk can be a challenging proposition or if the size of the project involves a small portion of bulk trash items, this form of removal is the better economic value.

The type of trash involved also factors into the pricing, with items like construction material and components like concrete or brick costing much more that simply collecting junk from the home or yard waste.

For an individual or company on a budget, however, this option might not be the best approach to take. Labor costs for all of the individuals needed for a job can end up what seems like a small job turn into one that takes a severe bite out of your wallet.

Dumpster Rentals

On the other hand, a container rental also offers a number of important reasons that make it a good decision. The first reason to rent a dumpster is that the cost of having others do the work won’t be factored into the final price.

With a dumpster in place, you can work at your own pace and make sure that something isn’t inadvertently tossed out in the process. More importantly, the cost of labor is likely next to nothing, presuming you’re doing it yourself or can charm your friends into offering their services at minimal or no cost.

One of the drawbacks in renting dumpsters is that you get no discount if you fail to fill it up, which is why choosing a mid-range dumpster (such as the 30 cubic yard variety) is probably the best strategy to pursue in this area. That prevents the problem of having to pay more for an additional container or pay too much for one that’s only filled halfway or less.

Another factor that needs to be emphasized is that weight limits are in place as well as the need to avoid going above the height of the dumpster. In either case, someone unfamiliar with this type of rental can find themselves being penalized with additional fees for such violations.

Your Dumpster Option

For individuals and businesses in either West (including Midland) or Central (including Weatherford) Texas, DOC Disposal offers the opportunity to rent a dumpster that’s 30 cubic yards to handle those mid-range jobs or offer multiple container rental options. We provide service for not only residential, commercial and industrial jobs, but for those working in the often messy surroundings of oil fields. Perhaps most importantly, we have different time frames for rentals: from as short as a day to an indefinite period.



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